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Nordic Risk Consulting is founded with that clear objective to give and prefrom indenpentent consulting and innovation services within the following segment:

Risk Analysis of industry enterprise, trade business and the public sector.

Risk Management and loss prevention consulting of industry, trade business and the public sector.

Assistance in connection with settlement and compensation of a   property loss and a business interruption damage.

Millions to be saved through risk management

Nordic Risk Consulting covert in principal the whole Europe.

Nordic Risk Consulting client segments are the insurance industry, insurance brokers, directly consulting services to the industry companies / enterprises, trade business and the public sector.

Nordic Risk Consulting’s consulting services focus on a risk analysis of your risk from a professional, approved and accepted method.

This method is simple as well and give your a professional clear picture of your risk profile and what possibilities your have to minimise your property loss potential.

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 Updated December 2011
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